Greetings Choir (and anyone who may be interested in joining Choir!)

I have not forgotten you, in fact, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, for the plan is…..

We reconvene this Thursday evening for our annual “Potluck’n’Practice” in the Library.   6PM, bring SOMETHING good to eat.  We can’t go wrong!  We will be rehearsing afterwards (about 7:30-ish/8-ish).  And we will be on the road again between 8:30 and 9PM.

We will also be singing on Sunday (Sept. 16) for Homecoming. (I published 9AM warmup rehearsal, but I’m wondering if there may be wisdom in an 8:45 start time!)  And then, the following week we will resume our regular weekly Thursday/Sunday singing schedule.


I hope you can join with us for both special events.  AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!

PLEASE RSVP FOR BOTH:  this will help me in planning.

Thanks and see you soon!



P.S.  Refer to Chime Notes for a little more info.