Sweet Harmonics

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues….

I am very excited to invite you to an upcoming (free) concert on Sunday, April 23, 3PM, at the First Church in Swampscott. (See attached)

Patty Clarke will be playing organ and piano with Thomas Pallance on trumpet and flugelhorn and Brittany Betts on trumpet and voice. It’s a CRAZY program – in a wonderful way. We are featuring three contemporary (living) composers – one German and two Americans, as well as a few others.

One of the Americans is local – a Gloucester composer, Robert Bradshaw, who composed a song for voice, piano, and flugelhorn for this concert!!! based on text from “The Merchant of Venice” (How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank! Here will we sit and let the sounds of music. Creep in our ears….) A world premiere!!!! You see, April 23 is Shakespeare’s presumed birthday, so we have a set dedicated to the bard!

Perhaps also in honor of Will, all of the music will be very dramatic (two of the composers are also film composers), and, perhaps unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. In a surprising, and hopefully, good way!

My fellow performers, Brittany and Thomas, are AMAZING, and we LOVE playing together and we love this music, so there’s a real great chemistry that should come through in the music, as well.

Please come – bring your friends – disseminate the poster – it’s free! – the more the merrier – let the “sounds of music creep in your ears!”An exciting and powerful concert with some of the most talented voices in our region.
Sun., Feb. 12 – 3pm.