We gather for a Blue Christmas service to remember with love and prayers all those who we miss, who are ill,or who are struggling.

The Holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is most often seen as a time of celebration and joy. Different faith communities celebrate sacred events like Hanukkah and Christmas, families get together, workplaces schedule end-of-the-year parties, gifts are purchased and shared. But for many in our neighbourhoods, the Holiday season is not a time of joy. It is a time that some folks “just try to get through it.” They feel anything but joyful, as they grieve the death of a loved one, they face a serious diagnosis, or the family’s financial situation is dire, as they wonder about their future. Some folks are able to enjoy the spirit of the season, but also they too experience moments of sorrow and loss, remembering years past.

First Church Swampscott is offering a service of healing on Wednesday Dec. 20th. 7pm. for those who need a moment away from the noise of the world, a time of companionship in the darkness of the season. Churches in many towns offer “Longest Night” services to meet a similar need. These services are sometimes called “Blue Christmas” or “Winter Solstice” services.