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WHY First Church?


I had just moved here but was laid up with a broken hip and shoulder. It was another year before I could get to church and I missed it. My daughter brought me here, to First Church. The people were so friendly I loved it right away! I have been going ever since.

UCC churches tend to tailor themselves to fit the people they feel called to serve in their local community. The result: A wide variety of musical traditions, expressions and values that have integrity and purpose. From conservative to liberal, we’re not short on variety.

Sharon and Kenny

Membership at the First Church in Swampscott has many significant meanings for me and my son, Kenny.  It is a place that we can learn about Jesus Christ and his meaning in our lives in a warm and inviting congregation.  The church and its members have been friendly and caring since the first day I visited the church in 1998.  The ability to minister to others through Stephen Ministry and domestic and international outreach are also important to us.  Music is another facet of church life that has meaning for us.  Over the years we have enjoyed fantastic performers who have graced the sanctuary with their talents.  We are also fortunate to have an organ that is magnificently played by our music director.  Come by and check us out!