Welcome  Message

Welcome to The First Church in Swampscott, Congregational, a member congregation  of the United Church of Christ. It sure is a long name for a church, but it matches our long and storied history.

We are a community of Christians seeking meaning, purpose, and mission through our participation in the life of this beautiful local church. We believe that “God is Still Speaking” and has something new and essential to say to us as we live in this ever more complex and challenging world.  We don’t have all the answers, but we have some great questions. Together, we rely on the rich resources of the tradition of our Christian faith, the Bible, the revelation of God’s love in the person of Jesus Christ, and the God given gifts of each person, to lead us in our daily lives.

We would love to hear your questions, and answers too! You will find us to be a welcoming community with a sense of humor.  The Sunday worship service is the anchor of our life together, but as you visit the site you will see our passions for mission work, children’s ministry, and more – that give life to our service as the Body of Christ. We also like to eat together, laugh together, sing together, and work together.

We will set a place at our communion table and our fellowship table for you, your friends, and your family.

God’s peace and blessings to you,

— Pastor Ian Holland

Email:  pastorian@thefirstchurch.org,
Phone:  978 308 9426

Pastor Ian is on Sabbatical leave from April 1 thru June 30th.  The Rev. Debra Adams will be our Sabbatical Pastor during April, May and June while our own pastor, the Rev. Ian Holland is away on Sabbatical.  Pastor Debra and Pastor Ian have known each other since their days at Andover Newton Theological School.  They have continued to be good friends over the years and participate in a Clergy Community of Practice together every month.

     Over the last year or so, Pastor Debra has occasionally led worship services, preached the Word, and shared stories about God with our children during the service.  Christian Education is Pastor Debra’s specialty, so last spring she was invited to do some consulting with our Christian Education program leaders in an effort to help us evaluate how we can better meet the needs of our young families.
     In addition to leading worship, Pastor Debra will help to support the ongoing work of the Completing the Circle team. She would love to get to know more of you and hear your stories at any one of the planned gatherings.  Please join in welcoming her by introducing yourself and sharing your story of how you came to be among us.
Contact Pastor Deb thru the church office
Phone: 781-592 8061
Office hours:  9AM to 1 PM  Mon – Fri