Space and Building Use

Church In Swampscott For Wedding
Wedding Coordinator

A Wedding Coordinator will assist you in planning space-related wedding details involving the use of the building. Please call the church office for a Wedding Coordinator’s name and telephone number. The wedding coordinator can also assist you in locating florists, caterers, etc.

Music/Sound Equipment

Please contact the Wedding Coordinator for information regarding a sound technician, organist, pianist, soloist, or other musicians. The organ, piano and sound system may be used only by First Church in Swampscott personnel or by others on approval. Fees for musicians or pastors are by personal arrangement and are not included in the space rental fee.

Sanctuary Decorations

Our Wedding Planner will gladly recommend tasteful placement of flowers, ribbons and other decorations. You and/or your florist are responsible for the placement and removal of greenery or flowers.


The sanctuary is available at no charge for funerals of First Church in Swampscott members and their families (i.e., parents and children). For non-members, use of the sanctuary is $250 for a maximum of three hours. Please make arrangements with the church secretary. If other (other than incidental) space is also required at the time of the funeral, regular rental rates apply.

Additional General Information For All Events

Temperature Control

Automatic temperature controls are preprogrammed in all rooms, but the church secretary can make arrangements to heat rooms in advance if necessary. Please do not try to override the system.

Catering & Supplier Requirements

Caterers and florists selected by the renter are allowed on property. They must adhere to the Building Use/ Space Rental Guidelines.

Church Property

Please respect the property of First Church in Swampscott when using our facilities. You may not remove any church property from the building. Please report any damage to the church secretary.

Event & Damage Deposit Requirements

Upon signing the First Church Rental Agreement, all rental fees and deposits are due in full.


First Church does not allow any decorations to be affixed to the walls, floors or ceilings unless prior approval has been granted. All decorations must meet Fire Department codes.


First Church does not currently allow alcohol to be served. No smoking is permitted in the church building or on church property.
Cancellation Policy

Since rented space will be reserved for your exclusive use, rental fees will be forfeited to First Church upon cancellation of the event by you for any reason other than inaccessibility due to severe weather (such as heavy snow). This policy is strictly enforced. Any damage deposit not required is refundable.

Space Rental Application