Space Up to 4 Hours 4 to 8 Hours 8 Hours +
Sanctuary* $500 $800 $1000
Fellowship Hall $175 $300 $400
Kitchen $100 $150 $200
Library $100 $150 $200
Mudge Parlor $50 $75 $100
Classrooms, Crib/Nursery, Youth room $50 $75 $100
Inclusions and Exclusions

Space rental rates include:

  • Ample off-street parking in our lot.
  • Snow removal, if needed, for your event.
  • Your use of our large supply of tables and chairs for your event.
  • Fellowship Hall and our kitchen rental includes the use of our cooking and serving utensils and equipment (They should be cleaned and returned to original places after use.)
  • Your group’s incidental use of support services and areas such as electricity, heat, rest rooms, etc.
  • Access to facilities on the date of your event–during your scheduled time–by your support services such as caterers, florists, etc.
  • Clean space for your event and normal building cleaning following your event.
  • Your use of our cleaning equipment after your event (vacuums, etc.) if any spills or special cleaning problems have occurred.
  • For events other than weddings, when a Wedding Coordinator will be present, a Building Attendant or church staff member will be available to open and close the building for you and your group, offer a brief tour of your rental space, if desired, answer questions and make any last-minute arrangements needed. (This person is at First Church’s expense and may or may not remain in the building for the entire duration of the event, depending upon circumstances.)